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Total Express: Providing Transparent and Professional Logistic Services Worldwide

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Chang Choi,
Founder and President

"Our ability to cater to clients’ alternating needs allowed them to rely more on us for their overall 3PL and 4PL logistics needs"

n 1992, Chang Choi, a veteran in the logistics space, started his one-man operation to build an entity that would cater to customers’ various supply chain needs and offer customized and fully-integrated solutions.

Before setting out on this journey, Choi had been involved in numerous major projects, including Hyundai Corporation’s HMM projects in Tokyo. During this time, Choi witnessed the peak of the power of Japanese logistics and handpicked some of its best elements to establish his brainchild, Total Express. Choi grew his company over the next 30 years, creating an entirely different entity in the process by blending the best, most diversified business practices with the newest technologies to accommodate the needs of an ever evolving logistics landscape.

 Today Total Express is a full-fledged and innovative logistics solutions and services organization that offers pick-up and delivery services across the U.S. and globally. Total Express has expanded into a company with an exemplary reputation for providing reliable, high-quality, and economic offerings to retail customers with national and international business requirements.


    Total Express offers a diverse range of services, including air freight, ocean freight, temperature-controlled cargo, warehousing, and SCM, as well as domestic air and surface cargo and document and parcel services. Even during the pandemic, when freight forwarders specialized in particular service types, Total Express successfully pivoted around the new normal and its evolving needs to stay in style.


   “We consider ourselves fortunate to have a diverse clientele, lanes, and services. Our ability to cater to clients’ alternating needs allowed them to rely more on us for their overall 3PL and 4PL logistics needs,” adds Choi.


    Driven by the motto of “do before requested,” Total Express’s business model ensures customers an end-to-end, seamless logistics experience, including brokerage assistance, e-manifest filing, warehousing (re-distribution/transloading/storage), and so on. Needless to say, Total Express’s robust asset-based operations are advantageous to its services.The company has accumulated several assets, including Canada Customs-bonded warehouses, in-house customs brokerage, trucking equipment, proprietary IT systems, and a full suite of logistics services. Their assets allow customers to operate logistics simultaneously at job sites and collate multiple services under the same roof, ultimately saving time and cost. Total Express’s robust technological capabilities allow clients to have additional cargo visibility via simple and user-friendly online tools. However, alongside all these innovations, the company acknowledges the contribution of its talented employees in propelling its growth and reputation and, in turn, offering best-in-class services to customers.


    Total Express prides itself on having customers worldwide and providing them with all its in-house services whenever needed. Unlike other forwarders who are still unfamiliar with e-manifest filing and non-vessel owning common carrier (NVOCC) services, Total Express’s teams have been weathering the difficulties customers have with e-manifest filings and other areas since the beginning. The company also provides customers with Canadian and American goods container freight station (CFS) splitting or transloading services, which was and still is in high demand due to the ongoing supply chain issues in the U.S.


      Total Express is currently gauging the demands of the North American market and molding its offerings to make them available to customers at all times. The company is laser-focused on achieving its vision of 3S, which translates to being small but smarter and sophisticated in each market. Total Express is also flexible enough to accommodate all customers and provide services as per their specific needs. It always listens to its customers’ issues before suggesting remedies because the company firmly believes that there is no one size that fits all when it comes to logistics.

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