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Our Mission, Vision, Values


Our Mission

"To provide exceptional supply chain solutions with a personal touch to large and small businesses"

Total Express consistently delivers the highest level of service with customized and fully-integrated solutions to our clients. We utilize our logistical expertise and extensive network and assets to deliver first-rate services to our clients. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations through unparalleled professionalism and first-rate service quality. Our ‘One Stop Shop’ solution brings forward optimal cost-efficient and performance-driven strategies to become the ‘Go-to’ logistics partner.

"To empower customers to focus on their core-competencies through innovation and transparency"

With over 29 years of experience in the logistics industry, Total Express excels through constant innovation to our business practices. Through our journey to success, we have successfully integrated diversified business practices to accommodate the ever-changing logistics landscape to empower our clients in generating value, loyalty, and growth. As well as, equipped our clients to full visibility of the services and solutions we provide. Hence, evolving on a daily-basis to becoming their chosen logistics partner.


Our Vision

Blurred Business People

Our Values


With proven track records of success to our clients, we are confident to provide the most reliable and efficient services and solutions.


We proactively work with our clients to ensure all needs and wishes are met for our first-rate service quality as well as dedication towards their shipments.


We provide our clients with full visibility of our services and solutions to lessen the burden of our clients’ businesses.


With our ‘One Stop Shop’ solution, we can provide the most cost-efficient solutions to generate value to our clients.

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